Modular conveyor solutions


Modular conveyors

Pitco’s Conveying solutions are a modular approach to provide maximum simplicity and versatility. Customize and combine roller or belt conveyor modules, a MachineMotion controller, and motors into one easy to use system. Program your conveyor sequence with MachineLogic and deploy with MachineCloud in minutes.

Increase your throughput to improve productivity

ROI in 9 months


See ROI in 9 months or less with all the flexibility to customize to your unique needs.

Assemble in hours

Easy to Assemble

Assemble your full conveying solution in as little as four to eight hours.

start automating faster

Fast Delivery

Receive your order in three to seven days to start automating faster.

modular components


Configure your conveying solution using our library of modular components to future-proof operations.

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