Automate heavy payload tasks

code-free in minutes

Cartesian Palletizer

Automate your factory floor with Pitco’s Cartesian Palletizer. Designed for large-scale operations, the cartesian palletizer speeds up your production line with a payload capacity of up to 100kg. Equipped with an intuitive MachineApp and operator interface, you can program your palletizer code-free in minutes. Learn more about palletizing robots.

Better productivity for high payload palletizing

more flexibility

Quick changeovers

Receive more flexibility and easily switch between pallet stack configurations.

code-free pallet configurations

Easy to program

Save weeks of manual programming time with field-proven MachineApps and create code-free pallet configurations in minutes.

100kg payload

Powerful support

Support up to 100kg payload and customize to fit your specific needs.

ROI in 15 months

Fast return on investment

See ONE DAY ROI to further enable your automation roadmap.

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