Factory Automation Solutions

Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Welcome to PITCO Engineering’s Factory Automation Solutions. In a world where efficiency, reliability, and innovation drive success, we’re at the forefront of transforming manufacturing processes.

Our comprehensive suite of factory automation solutions is designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve significant cost savings – from day one.

optimized for peak performance

a wide range of applications

Our Factory Automation Solutions encompass a wide range of applications tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern manufacturing. From the precise movements of machine tending to the strategic operations of palletizing, each solution is engineered for excellence. We leverage advanced technology, deep industry expertise, and a commitment to innovation, ensuring that every aspect of your manufacturing process is optimized for peak performance.

enhancing throughput and minimizing downtime

Machine Tending

Automate the mundane yet critical task of machine tending with our sophisticated robotics solutions. Designed for precision and reliability, our systems ensure that machines are efficiently and safely loaded and unloaded, enhancing throughput and minimizing downtime.

maximum flexibility and speed


Streamline your end-of-line processes with our advanced palletizing solutions. Whether dealing with boxes, bags, or custom packages, our systems are configured for maximum flexibility and speed, ensuring your products are palletized with precision and care.

optimizing your sorting and assembly operations

Bin Picking

Transform the way you handle parts and components with our bin picking technologies. Equipped with advanced vision systems and AI, our robots can accurately identify and pick parts from bins, regardless of orientation or complexity, optimizing your sorting and assembly operations.

unmatched efficiency


Elevate your packaging processes with our automated solutions. From primary packaging to secondary packaging, our systems ensure that products are handled delicately, packaged accurately, and prepared for shipment with unmatched efficiency.

bridging the gap


Our conveyor solutions are the backbone of seamless factory automation. Designed for durability and adaptability, they transport materials and products through your manufacturing process smoothly and efficiently, bridging the gap between different stages of production.

accelerating production

Pick and Place

Achieve unmatched speed and accuracy with our pick and place robotic systems. Ideal for repetitive tasks in manufacturing and packaging, they ensure precise placement every time, enhancing quality and accelerating production.

immediate and long-term returns

Day One ROI

At PITCO Engineering, we understand the importance of investment value. Our factory automation solutions are not just about transforming your manufacturing processes; they’re about delivering tangible benefits from day one. With our focus on efficiency, reliability, and scalability, we ensure that your investment yields immediate and long-term returns.

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the future of factory automation


PITCO Engineering’s Factory Automation Solutions are more than just technology; they’re a partnership for progress. As your ally in innovation, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing. Join us in embracing the future of factory automation, where efficiency, precision, and growth go hand in hand.