Adaptable packaging solutions

Case Packing

turn-key design

Case Packing

Our Case Packing solution is the perfect addition to your end-of-line production. The turn-key design allows for seamless integration with our other end-of-line applications, including cobot palletizers and box erectors. The intuitive interface can create new product patterns within boxes and trays in minutes, making it easy to adapt to your exact production needs.

Reduce human error from your end-of-line

ROI in 9 months


See ROI in 9 months or less with all the flexibility to customize to your unique needs.

Deploy in under three days

Fast deployment

Deploy in under three days allowing you to quickly address your automation needs.

intuitive operator interface

Easy to program

Create new product patterns within boxes and trays in minutes with our intuitive operator interface.

up to 50kg payload

Powerful support

Support up to 50kg payload, designed with highest industry and safety standards.

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