Our History

Company History Milestones

November 2016

Founding of PITCO Engineering

PITCO Engineering began its journey as Peters Industry Training and Consulting LLC, with a focus on providing top-notch training programs. Founded with the mission to empower controls engineers, the company specialized in training on the Siemens platform, quickly establishing itself as a leader in the field. This foundational year was marked by a commitment to excellence in education and professional development, setting the stage for future growth and innovation.

February 2017

Expansion into Engineering Services

Building on its successful training programs, PITCO expanded its offerings to include comprehensive engineering services. This strategic move allowed the company to leverage its expertise in controls engineering and provide integrated solutions to a wider range of clients. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, PITCO Engineering began to make its mark in the industrial automation and manufacturing sectors.

May 2022

New Headquarters in Dayton, TN

A landmark year for PITCO Engineering, 2022 saw the opening of a new headquarters in Dayton, Tennessee. This expansion reflected the company’s growing success and its commitment to providing top-tier services. The new HQ became a hub for innovation and collaboration, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support the company’s growing team and diverse projects.

January 2023

Expansion to Estonia, Europe

In January 2023, PITCO Engineering expanded its global reach by establishing a presence in Estonia, Europe. This strategic move into the European market allowed the company to tap into new opportunities, bringing its expertise and innovative solutions to a broader international clientele. The expansion was a testament to PITCO’s growing influence in the engineering and consulting world.

September 2023

Midwest Expansion with Chicago Office

September 2023 marked another significant milestone with the expansion of PITCO Engineering into the Midwest through a new office in Chicago. This strategic location positioned the company to better serve its clients in this key industrial region, enhancing its capacity for service and support. The Chicago office signified PITCO’s commitment to being closer to its clients and responding to the dynamic needs of the industry.

January 2024

Launch of R&D Center in Dayton, TN

In January 2024, PITCO Engineering achieved a significant milestone with the launch of its Research and Development Center in Dayton, TN. This center represents the company’s dedication to innovation and its forward-looking approach. Focused on developing cutting-edge solutions in industrial automation, AI, and robotics, the R&D Center symbolizes PITCO’s role as a pioneer in engineering excellence and technological advancement.